Interested in new mixed mode research project?

Mixed-mode research is still a hot topic among survey methodologists. At least at about every meeting I attend (some selection bias is likely here). Although we know a lot from experiments in the last decade, there is also a lot we don’t know. For example, what designs reduce total survey error most? What is the optimal mix of survey modes when data quality and survey costs are both important? And, how can we compare mixed-mode studies across time, or countries, when the proportions of mode assignments changes over time or vary between countries?

Together with some researchers at National Statistical Institutes I am trying to form a European consortium to set up a programme for doing comparative mixed-mode research. One of the goals of this consortium would be to apply for funding at the next wave of EU funding (horizon 2020). We are however still looking for researchers in market research, official statistics and universities. And especially from countries in Northern, Central and Southern Europe. Want to know more? Write me at p.lugtig AT

Peter Lugtig
Associate Professor of Survey Methodology

I am an associate professor at Utrecht University, department of Methodology and Statistics.