Here is a collection and apps and software packages I have been involved in

Multiple Amputation

With Gerko Vink and Rianne Schouten , we developed a procedure to create multivariate missing data. The idea is that this procedure can be used to for example generate missing data for simulation studies, or inform the design of a matrix-survey (also called modular design) questionnaire. For more info, see https://rianneschouten.github.io/mice_ampute/vignette/ampute.html


Below is a Shiny app I developed with Boaz Sobrado to visualize the kind of data Android phones continuously collect from their users. library(widgetframe)

Smartphone apps for data collection

Statistics Netherland and Utrecht University are developing new ways to collect better social data, notably by using smartphone apps that can collect survey data, but also sensor data. For an overview of all projects, as well as source-code, please see https://gitlab.com/tabi/projects. For outputs, please see the https://www.peterlugtig.com/publication/ page.

Survey Data analysis

Below is a Shiny app I developed with Thom Volker to visualize polling errors in the U.S. 2016 presidential election that is used in the course ‘survey data analysis’.