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ESRA podcast on polling

In this podcast (sponsored by ODISSEI) Peter Lugtig talks to Courtney Kennedy (PEW) and Patrick Sturgis (LSE) on the current state and future of polling.

Cipher 2021

Live-recording of keynote: “What Internet panel surveys can learn from the design of smartphone-app studies.” Several studies have explored using smartphone-apps as a way to collect social and behavioral data. Some notable successful studies have in recent years been conducted in the context of travel behavior, time use, household consumption, or ‘in-the-moment’ attitudinal measures about a variety of subjects. One characteristic of smartphone studies is that they follow participants over a period of time to measure (short-term) changes.

General Online Research conference

Pre-recorded conference presentation: “quality of measurements from smartphone travel-app study” Smartphone apps are starting to be commonly used to measure travel behaviour. The advantage of smartphone apps is that they can use location sensors in mobile phones to keep track of where people go at what time at relatively high precision. In this presentation, we report on a large fieldwork test conducted by Statistics Netherlands and Utrecht University in November 2018.

ESS/CITY webinar

Youtube recording of online webinar ‘Smartphones: collecting better social data’ delivered in City University/NATCEN seminar series on 26 June 2020

GESIS seminar on survey errors

Youtube recording of invited talk at GESIS ‘Why care about survey errors’ delivered in Cologne, 15 August 2013 apologies about the sound quality -