Student presentations


In week 46 of the course, groups of about 4 people are formed, who will together work on the final assignment. The final assignment is based on the work of these 4 people. You will get a real-life dataset and have to solve a research question for this dataset. Every dataset will have one unique challenge that will vary over each dataset. There will be datasets based on a non-probability sample, some datasets may have used mixed-mode data collection, some may have a complex set of nonresponse weights, some a complex missing data structure, and again another one may have collected mostly categorical data. The assignment will highlight what the specific challenge is of the dataset. More information will be available in the assignment itself.

Prepare before class

  1. Do self-study to figure out how you can deal with the specific challenge, and explain how you used additional literature to tackle this problem.
  2. Perform one or more analyses to answer a substantive research question posed in the assignment.
  3. Carry out the analyses in R.
  4. Write a report in R-markdown (using default layout) documenting what you did, and why you did so.
  5. Prepare an online document that shows other students what challenge you were given, and how you dealt with the challenge. You may (or should!) be creative here. The document should be self-contained, so it could be a website (.html document), a wiki, a digital poster, a shiny app, a discussion/performance that is recorded on video or something else. It is not allowed to hand in a document with text (or code) only or use use Powerpoint/Prezi slides. Creativity get bonus points (see rubric final assignment). The product should be self-contained, and take no more than 6 minutes to watch/read/listen to. You have to send the presentation to the course coordinator, and all other students (this can easily be done through Blackboard -> send e-mail) by December 11, 17:00
  6. Every group reviews the work of 1 other group (see the assigned schedule on Blackboard for this), and prepares 3 questions for the group to be asked during the meeting.


There will be no lecture. However, we will go through the questions that are prepared by each of the groups (so 5/6 short discussions). After this we more generally discuss how every group dealt with the challenge(s) in the assignment.



Take home exercise

You have the opportunity to also hand in a draft of your report by 14 December at 17:00 latest. You will then receive written feedback on what can be improved before Friday 18 December 17:00. It is not obligatory to hand in a draft version.