Activities and links

The list below is a selective list of projects I am involved in, or that I find very interesting. Enjoy!

Our Survey methods research group has its own website. Please have a look for all the latest information on research, courses, and people doing survey methods at Utrecht University

Until 2018, I served as editor of the Methodology journal: a peer-reviewed, ISI indexed journal on social science research methodology. The journal is open for submissions on topics like statistical modeling, statistical estimators, research designs, and survey methodology. Go and have a look!

I am a member of the board of the Dutch Survey Research Platform (NPSO). With about 15 other survey-methodologists, we organize one-day seminars and conferences on survey methods (in Dutch) about three times a year. All activitites are free of charge, and are very interesting if you're remotely involved in conducting surveys.

I am organising a workshop on Mobile Apps and Sensors in Surveys in 2019. Following this, we may be planing future conferences.

I sit on the consortium board of the Gender and Generations survey. This is a cool cross-national panel survey focusing on issues related to demographics, families and aging. All data available for free! Have a look at the GGP website.

With some colleagues at Utrecht University, we organize MPLUS user days, to bring together users of the MPLUS programme. During those days, we discuss new developments in Structural Equation Modeling, and try to solve eachothers modeling problems. User days are usually at the end of August and March. There is no workshop scheduled at the moment.

The panel survey methods workshop, held bi-annually, brings together a group of people interested in panel survey methods. See for more info.

With Rens van de Schoot and Joop Hox, I teach a caroussel of lectures involving Structural Equation Model with the software programme MPLUS. See this website for updates and announcements regarding our MPLUS activities.

I regularly teach courses at Utrecht University in methods and statistics. More course materials may be added later. For now this is it:
- How to get started in MPLUS and Lavaan (tutorial).
- Lecture on 'Mplus - how to get started'  - Recorded while I was having a terrible cold.
- Lecture (in Dutch) about designing a data anlysis plan
- Lecture (with bad sound quality) in GESIS summer school on 'why care about survey errors'
- Lecture about planned missingness designs. Video below:

Interesting links to pages of other people: - colleague, website contains full version of his book on multilevel analyses. - another colleague doing intersesting stuff with computational social sciences and latent variables - colleague, site with news on courses, papers. - interesting blog on survey methodology - another frequent blogger on survey methods - lots of interesting working papers on survey methods from the people at ISER website of my department in Utrecht. Links to lots of cool projects of my colleagues


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